Paid in Peace Tour 2016


Roots Crew, what it do?! 

Hope you are well and ready for the sweet summer time!

We are too blessed to be stressed (even though the pressures of life DO get to me from time to time) at the beginning and end of each day I try and give thanks for the breath, life, and passionate love for music I see all around me.

Next weekend we will be kicking off the Hangout Music Festival on Friday, May 20th at 11:30am!

Then two weeks after that we’ll be kicking off the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on Thursday, June 9th at 5pm!

Then a month after that we’ll be releasing out next record, “A Brother’s Instinct” at Exit/In on Saturday, July 9th (the album will be live on iTunes on Friday, July 8th)!

Needless to say we are PSYCHED for this summer and CANNOT WAIT for these incredible experiences awaiting us all! As always, none of this is possible without YOUR love and support, so thank YOU and may our music inspire you to do whatever you want to do with your life!

Stay blessed!

Peace and Love,


Road To Bonnaroo!

Roots Crew!

We are so blessed to have your unconditional love and support it’s unreal!

Thank you for helping us advance to the second round of Road To Roo…three more rounds to win and we’ll be playing Bonnaroo this summer! We’re optimistic but we also know it’s going to be very tough here in Music City, so we need your help now more than ever!

Tuesday, March 22nd we will be competing in Round Two at The Basement East in East Nashville and a combination of crowd votes and judges decision will decide the winner!

Leading up to this second round we’ll be touring down in Florida on the Ride The Rays Tour so feel free to let any friends and family you know in FL that we’ll be spreading the vibes down thurrrrr!

Peace and Love!

Roots of a Rebellion

Give Thanks Tour with TreeHouse!

Stick Figure TreeHouse

Nothing but Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect on this Give Thanks Tour with our brothers TreeHouse!

The picture above is from this past Sunday night in Asheville, NC for the Slightly Stoopid/Stick Figure after party at The One Stop Deli/Asheville Music Hall and what a night it was!

Tonight we’re at The Pour House in Raleigh, NC, then the tour continues on through the week and into Ohio next week.

Give thanks for your love and support!

Stronger Tour to Colorado with Sun Dried Vibes!


Roots Crew!

It’s hard to express just how excited we are to bring our music to Colorado next week! Blessed to be traveling with our brother band Sun Dried Vibes. Beyond blessed to be working at serving up positive vibes and conscious rhymes to help us all overcome the struggle of this human condition.

RSVP here:

Stay up, stay well!


What A Band Of Brothers

what-a-van-art no dates

I would like to express my gratitude for YOUR love and support of mine and my brothers’ dream of creating a life in music. Simply by reading this post, you are tuning into the lives of six men and our families and friends striving to make a positive impact with an eclectic sound rooted in a devotional study of Roots-Reggae-Rocksteady-Ska music combined with our personal tastes that vary from Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, Folk, Country, and dare I say Pop. I am blessed to be playing music with such talented and driven musicians/songwriters, but I am even MORE blessed to be playing music with my friends who genuinely care for the well being of one another. It needs no explaining.

But what does need explaining, in my opinion, is the reason we do what we do. Why do we drive all day and night in a sweaty, smelly, rickety ole van? Why do we drive all the way to some city far away to play for a handful of people and make literally a couple dollars? Why do we rehearse all the time? Why do we work other side jobs, leaving ourselves very little downtime and even less money? Why do we sacrifice the things and most importantly the precious time with people we love back home?

The answer, my friends, is LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. From LOVE is how we were made, and although this LOVE may seem faded, withered, or torn. We ALL know what LOVE is. It’s what Jesus Christ, Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari, Krishna, Buddha, and Allah ALL preach about. It is an AGAPE kind of LOVE that binds us all as children of the Universe. The Great Mysterious Universe that we will never fully understand, but if we spend our time wisely with introspection and meaningful conversation with loved ones, we CAN find PEACE and LOVE within.

“Yesterday I was a fool and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try and change myself”

“Inner Peace leads to World Peace”

Thank you for reading and may PEACE and LOVE be with you and yours,


Waka Recap, #TNReggae and Beyond

#TNReggae familia at Wakarusa Music Festival June 4-7, 2015.

#TNReggae familia at Wakarusa Music Festival June 4-7, 2015.


My name is Austin and let me warn you that the following paragraphs are A LOT of words, links, personal observations, beliefs, and experiences. I’m sorry I’m not sorry😉 These words express my feelings at this present moment, giving everything I can and more to help Roots of a Rebellion achieve a blessed life full of music, family, and community. Thank YOU for showing love and supporting six young men’s dream, and again, feel free to take your time with this one😉

A little over a week ago, we had the privilege of playing at Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, AR thanks to our Roots Crew friends and family who voted for us to win the Waka Classic Competition at 12th and Porter in our hometown of Nashville, TN in February earlier this year. Wakarusa is a serious music festival that this year alone boasted some incredible artists and musicians such as: The Roots, Thievery Corporation, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, STS9, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Rebelution, Matisyahu, The Expendables, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Stick Figure, and many more!

The crazy thing was a few weeks before our Waka Classic Show when our #TNReggae brethren Chinese Connection Dub Embassy (CCDE) won their Waka Classic in Memphis, TN! CCDE has been family to us for three + years and it has been a beautiful unity, guided only by the Most High. So when Omar Higgins of CCDE called me the day of our Waka Classic show to overstand the Divine Signs of the Unity that IS #TNReggae I was wholly inspired and that hour and a half conversation was a serious blessing at the time because I was stressing about some unnecessary BS at the moment. Omar really lifted me up out of my own head with his words of encouragement and “IRIE” feeling he had about the show that night. I was ready to go, thanks to Him.
This is simply one example of why I believe that #TNReggae is a serious (and light-hearted) movement (of many movements around the World) full of like-minded, kindred spirits coming together as a community of artists and musicians who love a wide variety of music but are united by a passionate love for classic Roots Reggae, Rock SteadySka, and Dub music created in Jamaica in the 1950s-70s like Joe Higgs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, The Twinkle Brothers, Alton Ellis, Gregory Issacs, Garnett SilkLee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, The Congos , Culture and SO much more. Each of us love Reggae music for different reasons and obviously have different tastes and preferences (that’s what makes collaboration so fun and interesting) but I think some reasons we can all agree upon are the following:
1. Reggae music simply feels good.
2. Reggae music has conscious, uplifting lyrics.
So in a world of endless problems and SO many people with SO many things to say, I simply try and bow my head, listen, and give thanks for the healing power of music to help find fellow believers like yourself who take time to consider another perspective. The world is changing, and although it may seem like it’s collapsing, this can only mean a New Age and “New” New World will be born. Yup, talking about that NewNew! The question is what will WE do? And WHEN will we do IT?
The picture above is of this beautiful community of friends we have found and continue to foster in Nashville and beyond. This WAKA SQUAD camped out for five days in the Mulberry Mountains of Ozark, AR in the heat and everythin’! The week was made all the more enjoyable thanks to our bandmates and engineer’s independent record label: Dub Cellar Records providing and debuting their official mini sound system running on a car battery so we could bump whatever music we wanted in the campgrounds and it would sound reeeeal goooooooood. We also experimented with “Toasting” and “Dub Offs” on the Korg Monotron Delay Synthesizer. Listen to our late night Sunday/early Monday morning session after all of the music was done at Waka here: with none other than Mokie Dub AKA Grant Husselman (founder of Dub Cellar Records) spearheading the controls. Wakarusa was a pivotal moment for Roots of a Rebellion, Dub Cellar Records and this #TNReggae community at large. 
So the journey continues, onward and upward, this weekend to the state of Ohio, where our bassist Ras Adam was born and raised. Tonight we’ll be linking up with Elementree Livity Project at Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, OH, then spending the weekend in Cleveland for the first time as a band–playing at The Avenue Taphouse in Lakeland on Friday, then at Shooters in Cleveland on Saturday benefitting Beyond Words Foundation for Autism.
Next weekend we’re finishing out June with a big hometown show on Friday the 26th: Jammin’ on Cannery Island at The High Watt then Saturday the 27th: Stanley’s Reggae Fest 5 at Stanley’s Pub in Cincinnati, OH.
Blessed to be working, loving, living life to the fullest in every meaning of the phrase, for we truly do experience the HIGHS and LOWS of this artistic lifestyle….long nights, early mornings, odd-jobs, non-stop motion, driving, riding, packing, unpacking, practicing, rehearsing, jamming, laughing, smiling, crying, discussing, writing, reading, chatting, listening, and most importantly ENJOYING each other’s company. It’s not “all good” and there’s no such thing as “no worries” —I think we just say these phrases to keep the positive vibe alive and well😉
Thank you for reading all of this.
I hope our music positively affects your life in some way. 
Peace and Love to you and yours,
Austin and The Crew

Wakarusa–June 4-7 in Ozark, AR!

Click For More Info About Wakarusa 2015!

Too blessed to stress cause we’re playing one of the BEST festivals in the country this summer in Ozark, AR!


Our first set will be on Saturday at The River stage from 2:00-2:45pm, our second set will be on Sunday at the Backwoods Stage from 9:30-10:45pm!

See you there!

Wakarusa–June 4th-7th!


A few weeks ago, our extremely loyal Roots Crew family, friends and fans helped us win the Waka Winter Classic at 12th and Porter here in Nashville, TN securing us a spot on this year’s Wakarusa Music Festival June 4th-7th in Ozark, Arkansas!

We are honored and humbled to receive this opportunity to do our thing at such an AWESOME music festival. Thank YOU for supporting our dream of a life of music. We hope you are enjoying the new single “Stronger” featuring Zach Fowler of Sun Dried Vibes as well as our debut album Heartifact!

Our next show isn’t until Saturday, March 21st at Mercy Lounge supporting our friends Backup Planet as they release their debut album, so we will be taking this week to work on some brand new material that has been waiting to get tackled for quite sometime now!

Check out our other upcoming shows this Spring and hopefully we’ll see you out there in the flesh and Spirit!

Eternally grateful,

Your friends in Roots of a Rebellion

Big ‘Tings in 2015!

ACME Band Photo

Happy New Year y’all!

We hope you are ready for the best year yet–living right, loving right and listening to Midnite as much as possible!

We have a lot of exciting things happening this year already.

In a couple weeks we have the privilege of sharing the stage with one of the biggest Reggae bands in the country: Rebelution at one of the coolest new venues in Nashville: Marathon Music Works!
Facebook event here:

Then less than a week after that, we have the privilege of sharing the stage with another one of the biggest Reggae bands in the country: Passafire at Zydeco in Birmingham, AL!
Facebook event here:

It’s kinda crazy to think that five years ago was the first time I heard “Courage To Grow” and shortly after that I first heard “Feel It” and now I get to share the stage with the artists who strongly influence me musically AND spiritually!

Then right after that we’ll be back in Memphis for the Forever Loving Bob Marley Tribute Show with our brothers in Chinese Connection Dub Embassy followed by the third installment of our very own local and original Reggae/Rock/Jam night at Exit/In here in Nashville called “Jammin’ on Elliston Island 3”!

Hope to see you out there as we keep on progressing with new music and new ways of treating one another this year!

Jah bless!

-Austin and your friends in Roots of a Rebellion

Give Thanks for 2014!

9785_10203132507142819_1904283069200749569_n (1)

Roots Crew familia,

What a van, what a trailer, what a tour, and what a year!

We hope you and yours are staying warm and full of spirit this holiday season.

We have much to be grateful for this year….

-we played 110+ shows in 2014

-we started our own quarterly Roots-Rock-Reggae-Jam night in Nashville at Exit/In AKA “Jammin on Elliston Island” 

-we’ve become good friends and practically family with bands we love like Sun Dried Vibes and Queen City Dub

-we played more music festivals this summer than any of us in the band have even been to…

-we discovered like-minded tribes of people in love with Reggae music in the Southeast

-we released our debut full length album “Heartifact” at The Basement (below Grimeys) in Nashville

And so much more, the list really could go on and on…

So as the year winds down we just want to say THANK YOU and invite you to our last show which will be on New Years Eve at Soulshine Pizza with Dynamo and Andy Dozier & Heavy Soul! It’s free and there will be a free champagne toast at midnight.

Next year we plan to continue moving forward with more shows, new music, and a whole lot of other fun stuff!

We are getting closer and closer to having our passion pay our bills and it’s only because of YOUR love and support that any of this is possible. We have no grand visions of “blowing up” or getting “picked up” by some record label, we simply want to continue to grow and develop as musicians and humans…and we believe, wholeheartedly, that with fans like ours we can be our own bosses for as long as this dream continues…. (just look at Chadwick Stokes of Dispatch and State Radio!)

Here’s to supporting each other’s hopes and dreams in this cold, dark world…offering one another the peace of mind that music provides to help keep our inner light turned on, always and forever…

Peace and Love!

-Roots of a Rebellion


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